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Technological Advancements in Online Casinos

by Clovis Beer III

The online gambling industry has grown ever since the concept was generated. This year, the digital gaming space is projected to gain a revenue of $50 billion. The exponential growth of the online gambling scene is attributed to two reasons: Improved internet connectivity in most parts of the world and increased marketing efforts by online casinos, which are hungry to tap the opportunities presented by the widespread adoption of digital gambling.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligent (AI) Tech that Beats the Pros

Poker is a game that helps players develop the knack of reading facial expressions and knowing when to joke. However, even the professional card players have lost to card-playing AI techs. According to tech experts in the poker-playing industry, the AI used in casinos are designed with three facets so it can master the moves necessary to play, and is equipped with more decision-making points than the universe. The major disadvantage with poker is that bluffing is permissible (something that’s hardly seen in games like Chess). That undermines the ability of a player to base his/ her predictions based on other players’ future moves. AI poker-playing tools have the ability to analyse these and many more moves by breaking them down into digitally manageable components. Depending on the opponent’s strategy, it can fix its shortcomings during play, thus outshining the competition.

Mobile Technology and Online Poker

The increased use of mobile phones has presented internet users with a better user experience. Online gaming is a versatile gaming industry, and its easy accessibility has rendered mobile technology a critical tool in propelling the industry’s growth. The situation had compelled many online gaming sites to develop a vast latitude of games including Blackjack, Roulette, and online poker. Most online gambling sites have managed to convert most online casino games and made them mobile friendly. With online poker, however, it hasn’t been a smooth sail. The major drawback with online poker is that the game has so many items that need to be depicted in its mobile version and most smart devices have too small UIs to fit that.