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Is Gaming Still Popular?

by Clovis Beer III

Without a doubt, gaming remains a lucrative and diverse industry for both gamers and developers alike. Every year, more and more games become available. With such a saturated market, it’s no wonder that mediocre games survive at all.

What games need to succeed?

At a basic level, games need a catchy theme to them. They also need to offer accessibility to a wide range of playing audiences. Ideally, games should be available on a variety of platforms, such as online, via mobile, and on a console or PC.

For the more dedicated gamers, games need to have top graphics, provide new challenges, and also bring something new to the gaming world. However, for some developers, this simply means bringing out a new variation of a tried and tested game. For example, Final Fantasy and Call of Duty all have multiple reincarnations on the market.

How can you try out the latest games?

Accessing games from your mobile is the simplest option. Most app stores have a wide range of games available to download. If you’d prefer to play games online, Pley is helping developers spread their mobile games to the web. So it might be that you can already play your favourite mobile games online via their dedicated web platform.